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Coping with Allergy Season
Sneezing, irritated skin, watery eyes -- it's springtime again, and allergy season is upon us.
Healthy Neurotic? Being Conscientious May Help
Study found people with both personality traits had lower levels of inflammation
Don't Take Shortcuts When Caring for Contact Lenses: Expert
Here's what to do and what not to do to avoid eye problems
    Device May Allow Blind to Read Braille Without Touch: Report
    Company has developed eye implant technology to help sightless detect color, movement and objects
    Tips for Warding Off Winter Allergies
    Mold, dust mites may lurk in holiday decorations, experts warn
    With Bullying, What's a Parent to Do?
    What to look for and how to help if your child is being victimized
    Dinner-Table Turkeys Differ Greatly From Their Ancestors
    Study finds less gene variance in U.S. domesticated fowl than their wild forebearers from Mexico
    Soy-Rich Diets May Not Prevent Hot Flashes in Most Menopausal Women
    Study suggests natural plant estrogens aren't effective for menopause symptoms
    Dial Down Your Holiday Stress
    Start by setting realistic expectations, experts advise
    Tips for Holiday Heartburn Relief
    Some advice if you tend to overindulge
    Secondhand Smoke Very Unhealthy for Kids in Cars: Study
    Backseat exposure to polluted air is worse than in restaurants, bars, casinos
    Websites Touting 'Designer Vagina' Surgeries Often Inaccurate, Study Finds
    Researchers say supposed benefits are highlighted, potential risks downplayed
    Mammograms Do Not Prevent Advanced Breast Cancer, Study Suggests
    But one expert says it's just too difficult to assess screening's role in breast cancer trends
    Continued Use of ADHD Drugs May Reduce Criminal Behavior, Study Says
    Arrests were lower when people with disorder took their medication, Swedish research found
    Patients Balk at Asking Health Care Workers to Wash Hands
    Study found only 14 percent of hospital patients have actually spoken up
    Number of U.S. Kids With Diabetes Could Skyrocket: Study
    By 2050, rates of type 2 disease may rise by 50 percent, and type 1 incidence may jump nearly one-quarter
    15 Million in U.S. Have COPD, a Lung Disease
    Prevalence of the chronic condition is highest in Kentucky, CDC says
    Sleep Positioners Linked to Infant Suffocation: CDC
    These devices endanger babies' lives and should not be used, U.S. agencies warn
    Spinal Fluid Substance May Help Drive Sleep Disorder: Study
    People with hypersomnia sleep 70 hours per week or more; sleeping-pill-like chemical might be cause
    Annual 'Trouble in Toyland' Report Cites Toy Dangers
    Excessive lead levels, choking hazards, magnets can all cause serious injury for kids, PIRG says
    Teen Smoking Has Fallen Across Most of U.S.: Report
    Overall youth smoking is now under 9 percent nationwide, with highest rates in Wyoming, lowest in Utah
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