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Regorafenib Efficacious in GI Malignant Disease
Two studies show survival up in metastatic colorectal cancer, gastrointestinal stromal tumors
Prevalence of Diabetes in U.S. Youth Set to Rise Considerably
Projected estimates through 2050 indicate serious diabetes burden among youth
    Endovascular, Open Aneurysm Repair Long-Term Survival Akin
    Peri-op survival advantage for endovascular repair sustained for three years, but not after
    Review: Routine Physicals Don't Cut Morbidity, Mortality
    One trial found that health checks linked to increase in number of new diagnoses
    Nearly 40 Percent of Adults Take Dietary Supplements
    Most would continue taking them even if they were shown to be ineffective
    Uninsured With Brain Tumors Have Higher Post-Op Mortality
    Insurance coverage affects in-hospital mortality for brain tumor patients undergoing craniotomy
    Successful Pregnancy Outcomes in Women With Cystic Fibrosis
    Incidence of preterm delivery, caesarean section up; lung function linked to maternal survival
    Mortality Risk Up for Teen Boys With Low Muscle Strength
    Those with high muscle strength less likely to die prematurely of all causes, cardiovascular disease
    Safety-Net Hospital Care Good for Head, Neck Cancer
    Surgical care provided to vulnerable population without increase in mortality, morbidity, costs
    Aspirin Resistance Ups Severity in Acute Ischemic Stroke
    Increased stroke severity, infarct size linked to aspirin resistance in acute ischemic stroke
    Overdiagnosis Estimated in 31 Percent of Breast Cancer Cases
    Screening mammography tied to increase in early-stage, decrease in late-stage cases detected
    ACOG Advises Over-the-Counter Access for Oral Contraceptives
    ACOG recommends over-the-counter availability to improve access to and use of oral contraceptives
    New Surgical Concept Described for Nasal Tip Recontouring
    Involves maneuvers for nasal tip recontouring and minimally invasive endonasal rhinoplasty
    For Patients With ADHD, Lower Criminality Rates With Med Use
    Rates significantly down for men, women with ADHD receiving meds versus nonmedication periods
    ~40% of Post-Op Complications Occur After Discharge
    Patients with post-discharge complications have increased rates of reoperation, 30-day death
    Pharmacies Often Still Dispense Meds Despite Discontinue Order
    Findings among more than 30,000 patients treated at group practice with electronic health records
    Energy Content of Fast-Food Menu Items Has Changed Little
    Despite increase in number of items on menu, few changes in energy content from 1997 to 2010
    E. coli O157:H7 Not Found to Up Death, Cardiovascular Events
    Cardiovascular disease, death not up for those with severe versus no gastroenteritis
    Online Access by Patients to Health Records Ups Utilization
    Rates of office visits, phone and ER encounters, after-hours clinic visits, hospitalizations up
    Research Supports Role of BMI in Incident Asthma in Children
    Dose-response effect seen for BMI; gender difference noted, with larger effect in obese boys
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